Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Date Competition Location Result Comments Age Source data Confirmed by Date of Birth
2:15:16 Graeme Kennedy 12 April 1981 Nike International Canberra 1st   23 Top Ten List   27 February 1958
2:20:50 John Stanley 8 September 1973 Aus. Champs Herne Hill, WA 3rd   25 Top Ten List AA Results 25 October 1947
2:21:24 Neil McKern 17 June 1978 Vic. Champs Point Cook 2nd   31 Top Ten List   17 December 1946
2:21:29 Robert Guthrie 79/80           Top Ten List    
2:25:01 Brian Simmons 92/93           Top Ten List    
2:25:48 Peter Noordhoff 84/85           Top Ten List    
2:27:38 John Malinder 84/85           Top Ten List    
2:29:31 Gerry Vander Ploeg 75/76           Top Ten List    
2:31:14 Gary Cantwell 84/85           Top Ten List    
2:31:57 Paul Tucker 84/85           Top Ten List    
2:41:04 D Williams 24 July 1965   Preston       RAC Record Book    
2:51:40 T Bone 27 July 1963   Mentone       RAC Record Book    
AAA 1989 = the Athletics Australia yearly Almanac of compiled results
RAC Record Book = The Record Book compiled by Robert Lethbridge
Top Ten List = These were kept by the Club and should be correct.
We will attempt to confirm all times by pointing to a specific record like the AA Almanac or Championship reults etc.

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