Ringwood Athletic Club

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Points Athlete Start date Competition Location Result Comments Age 100 H SP HJ 200 LJ Jav 1500
19 yo                            
18 yo                            
17 yo                            
16 yo                            
15 yo                            
14 yo                            
4569 Paul Haasbroek 7 October 2017 Magpie Multis U16 Collingwood 1 f Club Record U16 14 14.79 11.2 1.81 24.57 6.03 46.82 4:33.56
                0.0     -2.5 0.6    
4427 Paul Haasbroek 26 March 2017 Aus Champs U16 Sydney 1 f Club Record U16 14 14.98 9.68 1.79 24.55 6.07 44.56 4:33.51
                0.2     0.6 1.5    
3874 Paul Haasbroek 4 February 2017 Vic Champs U16 Doncaster 1 f Club Record U16 14 15.91 8.96 1.69 24.4 h 5.96 41.05 4:50.68
                -0.3     2.3      
AAA 1989 = the Athletics Australia yearly Almanac of compiled results
RAC Record Book = The Record Book compiled by Robert Lethbridge
Top Ten List = These were kept by the Club and should be correct.
We will attempt to confirm all times by pointing to a specific record like the AA Almanac or Championship reults etc.
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