Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Person Performance Location Date
100 Lauren Hewitt 11.6 (h)   3 Feb 1994
200 Lauren Hewitt 23.99 Olympic Park 12 Dec 1993
400 Libby Jones 57.9 (h) Knox 10 Jan 1991
800 Janine McFadzean 2:09.9 Aberfeldie 20 Feb 1976
1500 Anne Lord 4:32.4 Aberfeldie 5 Dec 1976
One Mile Sophie Stokes 5:47.35 Melbourne Uni 18 Feb 2020
3000 Tamara Dingley 9:56.9 Doncaster 4 Feb 1993
2000 Steeple Erin Marriner 8:28.8 Knox 18 Dec 2021
800 Walk Sue Orr 3:44.6 Royal Park West 18 Feb 1973
1500 Walk Louise Nicholson 6:42.4   20 Dec 1980
3000 Walk Simone Kuppler 14:16.1 Box Hill 3 Nov 1994
5000m Walk Simone Kupler 26:50.7   20 Oct 1993
90 Hurdles (76.2 x 9) Lisa Dunstan 13.93 Olympic Park 23 Feb 1991
90 Hurdles (76.2 x 10) Danielle Shaw 12.68 Townsville 7 Dec 2013
100 Hurdles (76.2 x 10) Ashley Farmer 15.07 Albert Park 29 Feb 2020
200 Hurdles (76.2 x 10) Brooke Mullenger 29.96 Sydney 28 Mar 2017
400 Hurdles (76.2 x 10) Kasey Moore 63.51 Hobart 2 Dec 2012
High Jump Patricia Datson 1.67 Olympic Park 24 Mar 1991
Long Jump Bianca Hansen 5.68 Albert Park 17 Oct 2014
Triple Jump Evangeline Cheung 11.73 Sydney 14 Apr 2021
Pole Vault        
Shot Put Kimberley Mulhall   13.93 Olympic Park 22 Jan 2006
Discus Kimberley Mulhall 47.19 M C G 17 Feb 2006
Javelin Breanna Turnbull 38.53 - 500g Albert Park 19 Nov 2001
Javelin Lisa Dunstan 37.97 (600g??) Olympic Park 6 Jan 1991
Hammer Raelene Warren 47.24 Glenhuntly 18 Nov 1983
Heptathlon Lisa Dunstan 3878 Olympic Park 5/6 Jan 1991
4 X 100 Relay

Sonya Crowe

Simone Kuppler
Elinor Harper

Naomi Brogan

50.1 (h) Box Hill 19 Dec 1992
4 X 200 Relay

Sonya Crowe

Simone Kuppler
Elinor Harper

Naomi Brogan

1:48.0 Box Hill 20 Dec 1992
4 X 400 Relay

Tamara Dingley

Sonya Crowe
Elinor Harper

Simone Kuppler

4:10.7 Box Hill 20 Dec 1992
4 X 800 Relay        
Medley Relay


Shot = 4kg
Hammer = 4kg
Discus = 1.0kg
Javelin = 600g & 500g

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