Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Athlete Performance Location Date
100 Peter Hurst 11.9 (h) Olympic Park 24 Oct 1975
200 Peter Hurst 24.4 (h) Olympic Park 24 Oct 1975
400 Brett Appleton 54.9 (h) Stawell 11 Oct 1980
800 Peter Costanzo 2:10.1 Casey Fields 1 Dec 2019
1500 Marcus Clarke 4:21.6  Olympic Park 25 Jan 1975
3000 Tom Sheridan 10:16.8 Nunawading 15 Nov 2014
2000 Steeple (76.2) Dylan Moore 6:47.02 Perth 12 March 2013
1500 Walk Travis Harbour 6:25.1 Knox 30 Nov 1989
2000 Walk        
3000 Walk Mark Blackwood 13:56.7 Olympic Park 19 Jan 1991
90 Hurdles (84 x 10) Alistair Dunkinson 13.2 (h) Doncaster 14 Mar 1982
90 Hurdles (76.2 x 9) Nathan Philactides 13.20 Albert Park 2 Nov 2018
200 Hurdles (76.2 x 10) Nathan Philactides 29.91 Ringwood 27 Oct 2018
High Jump Adam Godley 1.65 Olympic Park 4 Apr 1981
Long Jump David Culbert 5.88 Olympic Park 14 Feb 1981
Triple Jump David Culbert 12.41 Olympic Park 1 Nov 1980
Pole Vault Peter Noden 3.00 Olympic Park 14 Feb 1981
Shot Put Ben Voogd 16.82 Eastern Region LAs 20 Feb 2016
Discus Werner Reiterer 57.38 Doncaster 16 Jan 1982
Javelin Werner Reiterer 51.94 Doncaster 16 Jan 1982 
Hammer Ben Voogd 61.90 Albert Park, AV Shield Final 6 Dec 2016
Pentathlon David Culbert 3547 Olympic Park  
4 X 100 Relay

Mitchell Cromb
Sam Purcell
Dale Walker

Scott Mace

49.01 Doncaster 17 Jan 2004
4 X 200 Relay Brendan Dixon
Leon Ip
Ashley Richey
Glen Doorey
1:42.5 Olympic Park 19 Dec 1982
4 X 400 Relay Mithchell Cromb
Scott Mace
Sam Purcell
Dale Walker
4:02.13 Doncaster 18 Jan 2004

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