Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Athlete Time - Dist. Competition Result Date Location Comments Wind Age
100 Catherine Freeman 11.24     5 February 1994 Brisbane Aus Record 1.1 20
200 Catherine Freeman 22.25 Comm Games 1 F 26 August 1994 Canada   2.0 21
400 Catherine Freeman 48.63 Olympic Games 2 F 14 August 1996 Atlanta     23
800 Jenny Orr 2:04.46     9 September 1972 Munich     19
1500 Jenny Orr 4:08.06     7 September 1972 Munich     19
Mile Carly McDade 4:59.60 Vic Mile Champs 4 A 23 February 2016 Melbourne Uni A race   26
3000 Jacqueline Perkins 08:49.6     20 December 1987 Olympic Park      22
5000 Jacqueline Perkins 15:38.4     2 December 1988 Olympic Park     23
10000 Jacqueline Perkins 32:26.3     12 December 1987 Olympic Park     22
3000 Steeple Carly McDade 10:55.49 Aus Champs 9 F 3 April 2016 Sydney     26
100 Hurdles Danielle Shaw 13.44     29 March 2017       18
200 Hurdles Lyn Bartold 28.04*     1 December 1971       24
300 Hurdles Renee Wright 47.4     3 March 1991       15
400 Hurdles Anne Fearnley 61.03     19 March 1999       25
1500 Walk Sue Cook 6:19.0     8 March 1980 ??     21
3000 Walk Louise Nicholson 8:35.0     23 November 1991 ??     24
2000 Walk Louise Nicholson 12:51.5     30 January 1992 Olympic Park     25
5000 Walk Sue Cook 22:04.42     1 April 1984 Olympic Park     25
10k Walk Megan Szirom  46:30.0     2 June 2007 Albert Park     29
20k Walk Megan Szirom 1:36.37.0     23 February 2008 Fawkner Park     30
Shot Put Kimberly Mulhall     15.17     8 February 2009 Ringwood     18
Discus Calista Lyon 56.86     6 June 2010 Gold Coast     24
Javelin Cecelia McIntosh 58.95     16 July 2002 Hungary     23
Hammer Raelene Warren 55.40     18 February 2006 M.C.G     28
High Jump Andrea Hughes 1.91     15 February 1994 ??     20
Long Jump Kylee Ziino 5.73     5 February 2000 Olympic Park     19
Triple Jump Melissa Cain 11.70     15 February 1992       20
Pole Vault Natasha McDowell 3.10 AV KO Final   5 March 2016 Albert Park     20
Hepthathlon Kylee Ziino 4813     6 December 1999 Olympic Park     19
Marathon Lisa Dick 2:36:54 Aus Marathon Champs 1 12 July 1998 Gold Coast, QLD     29
4 x 100 Relay Annette Tozer 46.84     9 March 1995 Olympic Park      
Catherine Freeman 22
Lauren Hewitt 15
Sryana Kulawansha  
4 x 200 Relay Sarah Gittus 1:38.0     19 December 1992 Box Hill     21
Renne Wright 17
Peta Powell 27
Catherine Freeman 19
4 x 400 Relay Katie Moore 3:43.20     27 February 2010 Melbourne     29
Kendra Hubbard 20
Cara White 25
Alice Platten 25
4 x 800 Relay Melisa Baker 9:02.4     19 December 1993 Box Hill     20
Tamara Dingley 16
Catherine Freeman 20
June Petrie 29
4 x 1500 Relay June Petrie 19:14.3     12 December 1992 Box Hill     28
Josie Carberry 19
Tamara Dingley 15
Anne Lord 31
Medley Relay 800/400/200/200 Anne Fearnley 4:02.59     18 December 2005 Williamstown     32
Cara White 21
Katie Moore 25
Alice Platten 20



* Converted from hand time by the addition of 0.24 sec for events less than 400m and 0.14 sec for 400m events.

Shot = 4kg
Hammer = 4kg
Discus = 1kg
Javelin = 600gm


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