Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Date Competition Location Result Comments Age Source data Confirmed by Date of Birth
19:46.91 Steven Beecroft 12 March 1994   Sydney   2nd Claim 23 RAC Record Book   14 March 1971
19:55.66 Steven Beecroft             RAC Record Book   14 March 1971
19:57.9 Paul Copeland 1989/90           Top Ten Lists   25 April 1967
20:36.1 Tom Barnes 2006/07           Top Ten Lists   22 September 1982
21:16.5 Mark Blackwood 1996/97           Top Ten Lists   25 January 1977
21:18.9 Travis Harbour 1995/96           Top Ten Lists    
21:34.1 Frank Bertei 1992/93           Top Ten Lists   19 March 1966
22:07.0 Kevin Lowden 1998/89           Top Ten Lists   22 May 1968
22:22.0 Jarred Tallent 1999/00           Top Ten Lists   17 October 1984
23:36.2 Travis Middlemiss 2004/05           Top Ten Lists   29 May 1984
23:26.0 Stuart Walters 1990/91           Top Ten Lists    
17 yo                    
21:23.0 Mark Blackwood             Club Records List   25 January 1977
15 yo                    
22:46.0 Mark Blackwood             Club Records List   25 January 1977
AAA 2016 = the Athletics Australia yearly Almanac of compiled results
Olympic Park = Melbourne
RAC Record Book = The Record Book compiled by Robert Lethbridge
Top Ten Lists = These were kept by the Club and should be correct.
We will attempt to confirm all times by pointing to a specific record like the AA Almanac or Championship reults etc.
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