Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Wind Date Age
Open 10 x 106.7cm (3' 6")              
13.29 Kyle Vander-Kuyp World Champs Gotenburg QF1 1 CR Open +0.6 11 August 1995 24
13.44 Kyle Vander-Kuyp   Brisbane   CR Open   4 February 1995 23
13.45 Kyle Vander-Kuyp NEC meet Olympic Park   CR Open   24 February 1994 22
13.48 Kyle Vander-Kuyp World Champs Stuttgart SF3 4 CR Open -0.3 19 August 1993 22
13.57 Kyle Vander-Kuyp Aus Champs Brisbane 1 F CR Open +1.7 7 March 1993 21
13.85 Kyle Vander-Kuyp World Juniors Plovdiv 3 F CR Open & U20 -0.2 11 August 1990 19
14.04 Kyle Vander-Kuyp   Sydney   CR Open & U20   2 December 1989 18
14.48 Tom Sullivan Mellbourne Olympic Park     +1.0 1 October 2005 20
14.4* Graham Tew    Olympic Park   CR Open   18 March 1978  
14.69 David Culbert           1993/94  
14.5* Graham Tew    Coburg   CR Open   23 January 1977  
14.6* Graham Tew    Box Hill   CR Open & U20   31 January 1976  
14.8* Graham Tew    Box Hill   CR Open & U20   15 November 1975  
14.9* Russell Farrance   Box Hill   CR Open   8 January 1972  
15.0* Tony Ham           1978/79  
15.0* Trevor Wilcox           1972/73  
15.20 David Culbert   Melbourne     -1.0 10 November 1994 27
15.1* Russell Farrance   Olympic Park   CR Open   18 March 1971  
15.2* Russell Farrance   Olympic Park   CR Open   6 February 1971  
15.3* Robert Lethbridge           1973/74  
15.3* Russell Farrance   Olympic Park   CR Open   14 November 1970  
15.82 Sean Gorley           2000/01  
15.6* John Bumford           1971/72  
16.10 Lachlan Lamb High Velocity R3 Knox     -1.4 23 January 2021 20
  10 x 106.7cm (3' 6")              
13.85 Kyle Vander-Kuyp Word Juniors Plovdiv 3 F CR Open & U20 -0.2 11 August 1990 19
14.04 Kyle Vander-Kuyp   Sydney   CR Open & U20   2 December 1989 18
14.6* Graham Tew    Box Hill   CR U20   31 January 1976  
14.69 Tom Sullivan   Adelaide     +0.9 20 March 2005 19
16 - 19 10 x 99.1cm (3' 3")              
13.38 Tayleb Willis Aus Champs U20 Sydney 1 F CR U20 0.1 13 April 2021 18
13.69 Tayleb Willis Vic Champs U20 Albert Park 1 F CR U18 & U20 -2.5 20 February 2021 17
14.19 Gary Haasbroek Aus Champs U20 Sydney 2 F CR U20 -0.5 28 March 2017 18
14.26 Gary Haasbroek World Juniors Finland 2 F Decathlon -0.3 11 July 2018 19
14.66 Gary Haasbroek Vic Champs U20 Albert Park 1 F CR U18 -2.1 25 February 2017 17
14.88 Lachlan Lamb Aus Champs U20 Sydney 5 F   0.8 16 March 2018 17
14.97 R Bradley   Sydney   CR U20   13 December 1980 18
15.05 Aiden Saluni-Kettle Vic Champs U20 Lakeside 1 F   (-0.4) 29 February 2020 18
15.1* R Bradley   Doncaster   CR U18   27 November 1980 17
15.17 Paulus Coetser Vic Champs U20 Albert Park 3 F   -0.5 25 February 2018 18
15.23 Stephen Dang Vic Champs U20 Albert Park 2 F   -2.1 25 February 2017 18
15.31 Ethan Lamb Aus Champs U20 Sydney 5 F   -0.8 2 April 2019 17
15.43 R Bradley   Olympic Park   CR U18   24 February 1980 17
15.44 Ethan Harris Vic Champs U20 Lakeside 3 F   (-2.5) 20 February 2021 17
15.8* R Bradley   Doncaster   CR U18, =CR U20   10 November 1979 16
15.8* Robert Lethbridge   Olympic Park   CR U20   11 December 1971 18
16.2* Robert Lethbridge   Box Hill   CR U20   27 November 1971 18
17.2* P Mourik   Olympic Park   CR U20   4 December 1965  
17.4* J Williams   Olympic Park   CR U20   Dec 1963  
17.4* M Bourke   University   CR U20   1962  
17 yo 10 x 91.4cm (3' 0")              
13.68 Tayleb Willis AV Shield R3 Aberfeldie   CR U18 NWI 13 December 2020 17
14.16 Kyle Vander-Kuyp   Olympic Park   CR U18   6 December 1988 17
14.49 Gary Haasbroek Vic All Schools U18 Albert Park 1 F   -1.4 4 November 2016 17
14.96 Stephen Dang Aus All Schools U18 Canberra F 4   -1.4 3 December 2016 17
15.38 Blake Dobay Vic All Schools U18 Albert Park 3 F   -1.4 6 November 2016 17
15.69 Ethan Harris AV Shield R6 Knox     NWI 6 February 2021 17
16yo 10 x 91.4cm (3' 0")              
14.02 Tayleb Willis Aus Champs U17 Sydney 1 F CR U18 -0.5 5 April 2019 16
14.15 Aiden Saluni-Kettle Aus Champs U18 Sydney 1 F   0.2 16 March 2018 16
14.21 Nathan Philactides Aus Champs U17 Sydney 3 F PB 1.4 17 April 2021 16
14.30 Tom Sullivan   Knox       1 December 2001 16
14.50 Tom Sullivan   Olympic Park       23 October 2001 16
14.65 Ethan Lamb Aus Champs U18 Sydney 5 F   0.2 16 March 2018 16
15.0* Tom Sullivan   Knox       14 October 2001 16
15.1* R Bradley   Olympic Park   CR U18   26 October 1979 16
15.3* Robert Lethbridge   Box Hill   CR U18   20 December 1969 16
15.5* Robert Lethbridge   Box Hill   CR U18   22 November 1969 16
15.8* Robert Lethbridge   Box Hill   CR U18 & U16   15 November 1969 16
15yo 10 x 91.4cm (3' 0")              
14.03 Aiden Saluni-Kettle Aus Champs U17 Sydney 3 F CR U18 & U16 -1.9 28 March 2017 15
14.64 Nathan Philactides AV Shield R3 Aberfeldie     NWI 13 December 2020 15
14.96 Nicholas Filippis Aus Champs U17 Sydney 7 F PB 1.4 17 April 2021 15
16.7* Robert Lethbridge   Box Hill   CR U16   9 November 1968 15
16.99 Paul Haasbroek Vic Champs U17 Albert Park 4 F     25 February 2018 15
14yo 10 x 91.4cm (3' 0")              
14.09 Tom Sullivan   Adelaide   CR U18 & U16   24 March 2000 14
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